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BSN Clean Creatine follows the betaine anhydrous trend

bsn clean creatine

As well-known as BSN’s protein powder Syntha-6 and pre-workout NO Xplode are, Cell Mass is another long-standing supplement of theirs. The brand have kept their complex creatine formula going for years and have continued to support one of the most known ingredients on the market in their new Clean Series with BSN Clean Creatine. While Clean BCAAs packed more than its title feature with taurine and glutamine on top of its BCAAs. BSN Clean Creatine takes things a little further than that including four more ingredients as well as a creatine blend. Starting off with the main attraction BSN have gone with a three creatine form blend for the Clean Series product using 2.5g of creatine monohydrate and half a gram each of creatine anhydrous and Creatine MagnaPower. It is after the creatines that things get interesting as BSN Clean Creatine also lists 1.5g of taurine, 1.25g of BetaPower betaine, 100mg rhodiola and 10mg of AstraGin. It is the inclusion of betaine anhydrous alongside creatine that shows BSN have been paying attention, as the combination of betaine with various types of creatine has become quite the trend lately. For a closer look at BSN Clean Creatine you can check out the supplement’s official label down below. As for purchasing the product like all the other Clean Series formulas Clean Creatine is now available at GNC in just the one 50 serving tub at the moment with fruit punch as its only flavor.

BSN Clean Creatine label

bsn clean creatine

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