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Carnivor RTD launched direct with a free MuscleMeds tee

carnivor rtd

It was back in February where we got a look at MuscleMed’s 8th Carnivor supplement with the Carnivor RTD. We got a close up look at the product in its packaging as well as details on the macros making up the Carnivor RTD. This week the latest from the brand has now been launched getting its own page and an introductory deal. On the supplement’s official page you don’t really find out any more about the Carnivor RTD than what we posted back in February, with the brand’s description being the only bonus. As for the deal MuscleMed’s have put together for the second premixed Carnivor solution, it’s not bad but still a way for you to get the latest from the brand before it hits stores. The offer is buy a case of Carnivor RTDs direct from the MuscleMeds website which is a dozen in total, and you will get a free tee. All up the case of Carnivor RTDs will cost you $53.99 working out to about $4.49 a carton. As mentioned it is probably best to look at this as a chance to get the brand’s new Carnivor formula before stores, something most loyal MuscleMeds fans won’t mind paying for.

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