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Cytosport Monster Series officially launched at Tiger Fitness

cytosport monster

After weeks of waiting until the Arnold to finally see the revamped Cytosport Monster Series, then another two months for it to arrive. The individualized line has finally gone on sale officially starting out in just a couple of places. The two stores that appear to be first to market with the Cytosport Monster Series are Tiger Fitness and Supplement Central. Starting with Marc Lobliner’s Tiger Fitness, today they have introduced Cytosport Monster Whey the 100% whey concentrate protein powder. Each tub of the supplement weighs in at 4.4lbs, working out to 51 servings delivering 25g of protein. Being a whey concentrate only formula the price is of course quite good compared to others at $45.99. Moving on to Supplement Central, the always quick to market store have a different protein to Tiger Fitness with the blended protein powder simply titled Blend. Instead of just whey concentrate Cytosport Monster’s Blend lists milk protein followed by whey isolate as its two sources. Due to the different forms the product is a bit more expensive than Whey with its 2lb priced at $29.95 and 3.75lb at $51.95. Unfortunately unlike Tiger Fitness, Supplement Central’s Blend is labeled as coming soon although it does appear that you can still order it and possibly secure a tub or two. We do expect more places to show up with the Cytosport Monster Series over the next few weeks, mostly due to the fact that Whey and Blend do only make up a fraction of the new line.

Update: You can now find more of Cytosport’s new Monster Series supplements at the Vitamin Shoppe including Whey, Isolate, Blend, and Amino 6:1:1 in both powder and RTD.

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