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Dexamine Black review, Giant’s half gram caffeine formula put to the test

dexamine black review

When it comes to weight loss supplements these days, formulas seem to be divided into two categories. You either have less stimulants and energy alongside the likes of appetite and boosted metabolism, or intense energy with strong thermogenesis although for today’s review we didn’t get much thermogenesis. When we first heard of Giant Sport’s Dexamine Black we immediately thought one thing, and that was the intense energy kind. The original Dexamine was already strong enough, it packed a lot of power and was great when it come to actual weight loss. With that in mind Dexamine Black was only going to be more potent, which was quite obvious with a maximum dose carrying half a gram of caffeine. Of all the high energy fat burners we’ve tried we definitely took a bit of extra caution for today’s Dexamine Black review.

Initially we were a bit skeptical with the half a gram of caffeine really keeping us away from reviewing Dexamine Black for a bit. Compared to the usual 350 to 400mg in a pre-workout and 200 to 250mg in weight loss formulas, 500mg is quite the jump. While we don’t always follow the directions when it says take half a scoop to assess tolerance then build up to two scoops. For our Dexamine Black review we took it one tiny step at a time.

First we did a single capsule with food as that always takes away a bit of the stimulation for us. On that amount we honestly didn’t feel anything more than a light lift, much like a lot of Dexamine Black’s weaker competitors. From there we took it to one capsule by itself and that is where it kind of changed for us. While one serving of the product is mysterious enough to consider taking caution with, Dexamine Black is surprisingly smooth. Unlike in a pre-workout when you throw back a bit of caffeine and your heart gets racing during a workout, at one capsule Giant’s hardcore fat burner doesn’t even get close to getting the heart racing. Instead you’ll find the experience very reminiscent of the DMAA days. Dexamine Black may not promote a mood enhancing, uplifting calm energy on the bottle, but it definitely delivers the combination. The supplement doesn’t really kick in, it builds over the first half hour to an hour then goes on for another three to five. During that time you will have trouble staying in one place and not wanting or needing to be productive. Even though we describe it as a mood enhancement like experience, we don’t feel the mood is altered at all. It’s actually seems like the unique combination of smooth and uplifting energy is to blame, giving you that whole new look on life.

dexamine black review

At one capsule you may be thinking it sounds amazing so at two it must be incredible. To that we have to say yes and no. While some of us enjoyed the next level double serving, on a couple of occasions it was uncomfortable for others. Basically if you’re okay with 400 to 500mg of caffeine you will be fine at the maximum amount. It may be labeled as half a gram, however it really only feels like 300 to 400mg by the calm way it spreads throughout the body. Alternatively if you’re a 300 to 400mg caffeine person or less, you may just want to stick with the regular single serving. At times the maximum Dexamine Black level is fine, but it doesn’t consistently stay like that. Unsurprisingly jumping up that high can give you the jitters for a good hour or so, making most of the experience difficult to bear. It is also worth mentioning the double serving doesn’t extend the effects of Dexamine Black any longer than the single, in fact they’re almost the same when it comes to endurance.

The best solution we came up with was using two capsules spread out across the day. Even if you’re comfortable with two at once, Giant warn no more than two in any one day. Not only would four capsules in 24 hours mean 1g of caffeine, but it also means the product would be finished in 15 days. If you stick to the two a day that way you can spread out the energy to one every six hours winding down for the final third of the day. You can spread the supplement out even further to eight hours if you like, although it is much more enjoyable when the experience stays on from one serving to the next. Another reason the two spread out option is the way to go is because the maximum amount isn’t that big of a jump. There is of course a noticeable difference, however it’s not as big as you’d think. If we had to put a number on it, instead of being twice as good it’s only about 30% better. The energy is no doubt a lot higher, but the single is still at a good level. As for the uplifting side of Dexamine Black, it goes unchanged with that mood enhancement like effect remaining strong in both serving sizes.

dexamine black review

Dexamine Black review final words

As far as energy driven weight loss products go these days, Giant’s latest definitely earns a place as one of the most powerful. If our Dexamine Black review didn’t explain it enough the supplement is strong. We did compare it to the DMAA age, although do keep in mind we said reminiscent, as in the balance of Dexamine Black’s effects are quite similar. In terms of intensity and stimulation the product does come close, which is a lot more than we can say for almost every other competitor out there. It’s got a great uplifting feel to it that seems to go on a lot longer than the average stimulant packed fat burner. While we didn’t use Dexamine Black long enough to judge its weight loss results, if its like other high energy formulas its consistent power should easily fuel a fairly successful shred.

Overall there are two key things we feel you have to take away especially if you’re interested in trying Giant’s half gram caffeine supplement. Firstly the downside, and that is that Dexamine Black does die out before you’ll get your second dose if you do the single capsule twice a day. The experience does last a lot longer than most, however if you’re awake for something like 12 or more hours make sure you hang out for that second serving. As much as it dies down without a crash, the zero energy feeling can leave you uncomfortably empty. The reason we say hold out is because if Dexamine Black ends at four hours and you take another right after, coming off eight hours straight isn’t nice especially if you want to workout in the afternoon. Your best bet would be to experiment, and find the dose that works for you. Lastly and this is a lesson we learned in our Dexamine Black review, don’t be afraid of the high caffeine. As heavy as it sounds even at 500mg, as mentioned earlier the product has a calm delivery. Still experiment to find what you like but it does feel more like 150 to 200 and 350 to 400mg rather than 250 and 500mg of caffeine.

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