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Dust V2 the official name of Blackstone’s Angel Dust sequel

dust v2

We already knew Blackstone Labs were working on a sequel to their pre-workout Angel Dust when they confirmed the coming of Angel Dust V2. The reformulation was inevitable as the supplement did have AMP citrate in it and Blackstone were one of the brands that got sent a warning letter from the FDA. Today Blackstone have officially unveiled their sequel, however as you can see in the image above it is not called Angel Dust V2. While V2 is still a part of the product’s name the brand have dropped the “Angel”. Moving forward the pre-workout is simply going to be called Dust V2, although the flavors are going to keep with the theme “cut with”. This can also be seen in the picture above for red ice Dust V2, which is one of three flavors Blackstone have carried over from the original. The other two are watermelon and Angel Dust’s last option added to its menu, blue sky. We can definitely tell you more information will be coming soon as tomorrow we are going to be getting the facts panel for the new pre-workout. So be sure to tune in if you’re a Blackstone fan or even just a pre-workout enthusiast.

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