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Gaspari SP250 confirms serving size and effects

gaspari sp250

It was only just yesterday that we got a pixelated sneak peek at the new pre-workout supplement Gaspari SP250. We were of course assuming based on the fact that the teaser was of a powder formula that the product pictured was the sequel pre-workout. Less than half a day later we can now confirm that the previewed supplement was indeed Gaspari SP250 as the brand have today given us a clear look at the fourth generation pre-workout. Not only does the unveiling confirm that Gaspari SP250 is next in line from the brand, but it also proves that we were right in assuming the product has a serving size of 10g. Yesterday based on the tub weight we could see, we figured at the usual 30 servings Gaspari SP250 would be packing a serving size of 10g. Our first real look shows that we were spot on with our guess and that the supplement will be featuring a serving 1g lighter than its predecessor SuperPump 3.0. As exciting as the preview of Gaspari SP250 is, there is really only one other thing the image shows us. While the effects aren’t overly interesting as they’re essentially what every brand and pre-workout promises, Gaspari SP250 does list energy and pump as highlights on the face of its label. The two effects don’t exactly confirm much. especially since they’re two you’d almost expect from one of the most known pre-workouts in the business. We do hope to see more information soon, with of course the facts panel being the thing we’re most looking forward to.

Update: Gaspari SP250 facts panel has been released

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