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GiaLabs confirm 3 more supplements for sometime this year


On Monday we introduced GiaLabs, a very young company who launched back in February with their one new supplement. The lonely product is Vaso Factor, a pre-workout formula that isn’t actually going to be lonely for too much longer. Shortly after our GiaLabs introduction the brand contacted us with news of quite a few more supplements on the way. Like Vaso Factor most of the products will be hitting popular categories, however one will be heading in a less common direction. The two mainstream supplements GiaLabs have lined up are a fat burner and women’s formula. While it would be good to assume the latter is also a weight loss solution designed for women, “women’s formula” was the only description we got, leaving room for it to possibly be a little something more. As for the last of three the brand have coming, GiaLabs are also going to be heading into the sleep support market. If you’re wondering why we haven’t mentioned names for any of the products, that’s purely because we don’t have any at the moment. The categories are all GiaLabs have revealed, which should be exciting enough especially for a brand as young as them. The time frame for the three is sometime this year, making it a good time to follow GiaLabs.

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