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Introducing the very young GiaLabs and their 1 supplement Vaso Factor

gialabs vaso factor

Today we’d like to introduce another new brand to everyone, one you are not likely to have come across before. On some occasions we do introduce companies that have been around for a bit that a lot of people know, although are still new to us in terms of posting updates. GiaLabs however is likely going to be new to most because they only just launched into the world of supplements earlier this year. The very young brand is actually a spin-off of Team GiaFit who describe themselves as “a fitness competition team that offers full contest prep plans for fitness bodybuilding, bikini, figure and men’s and women’s physique”. Being only a few months old GiaLabs don’t of course have many products available yet, with just the one formula. Like most one supplement brands GiaLabs have decided to take on the vicious pre-workout category entering their concoction Vaso Factor into the battlefield. Looking at its label the pre-workout does pack a little more than most of its competitors bringing together a total of 12 different ingredients. While GiaLabs is new Vaso Factor is unfortunately not 100% transparent like most newcomers, although does spread out its features quite well giving some idea on doses. We have added the product’s facts panel below where you can see GiaLabs have included ingredients for pump, performance and of course energy. For a bit more information you can check out the brand’s website at, where if you like the look of Vaso Factor you can purchase the supplement for $44.99 with the code “gia20” getting you 20% off.

GiaLabs Vaso Factor label

gialabs vaso factor label

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