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PMS-Factor from GiaLabs as unique as it sounds


Early last year we introduced GiaLabs, then not too long after confirmed that the brand had a few new supplements coming soon. One of those was said to be quite a unique women’s formula, which in the last month or so has been introduced. The name of the product is PMS-Factor, a supplement that in the brand’s words has been designed to “support and aid with symptoms experienced during the PMS cycle”. Some of the symptoms GiaLabs uses as examples include fatigue, mood swings, cramps and back aches.

To help PMS-Factor deliver on its rather unique promises, the brand has packed it with nine different ingredients. All nine are wrapped up in a single 520mg proprietary blend which features the likes of caffeine, maca root, black cohosh stem, chaste tree fruit extract and 5-HTP. If you’d like a a closer look at everything in PMS-Factor, we have added its official facts panel down below. As for those interested in picking up the new GiaLabs supplement you can now purchase it direct from the brand’s website, where it isn’t actually priced too bad. One bottle of PMS-Factor will only set you back $31.99, with 24 servings in each, which will supply you for exactly 12 days.

GiaLabs PMS-Factor


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