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Grenade Hydra 6 over 40% more expensive at Tiger Fitness

grenade hydra 6

When Grenade originally launched their first ever protein powder Hydra 6 in the US it was only available to The always well presented brand introduced the supplement with 20% off both the 2 and 4lb Grenade Hydra 6, and have since left exclusivity of the product with the popular online store. Now well over a year since the supplement arrived, Grenade Hydra 6 has spread out and finally shown up outside of One of the latest places to start stocking the protein powder is none other than the other major retail and content website, Marc Lobliner’s Tiger Fitness. At the moment the store is listing Grenade Hydra 6 at $41.49 for a 2lb bag, which we feel has to be some kind of a mistake since it is more than 40% higher than’s 2lb price. If it’s not a mistake and that is Tiger Fitness’s regular cost, Grenade Hydra 6 users may want to stick with Either way for now it seems the 2lber is the only option available at Tiger Fitness, although we do suspect the larger double size 4lb is going to be added at some point.

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