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iForce Max Out gets three of Hemavol Max’s flavors

iforce max out

When iForce Max Out was first launched, it had just two flavors on its menu with lemon drop and blueberry pomegranate. As good as the options were, two tastes doesn’t quite compare to the variety iForce fans may be used to especially since the original Hemavol still carries a total of six. Strangely enough it is exactly six that the brand have now decided to bump up their Max Out menu to. iForce have basically carried over most of their sequel supplement Hemavol Max’s flavors, adding very cherry lime, juicy watermelon and the interestingly named rainbow sherbet to their pre-workout. We did say the brand have taken Max Out’s menu to total of six, with the fourth flavor joining the Hemavol Max options being candy green apple. If you are an iForce Max Out fan and want to try at least one of the brand’s new recipes, a couple of them have already started showing up in stores. You can currently find juicy watermelon at the likes of Muscle & Strength, although also has juicy watermelon as well as rainbow sherbet.

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