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Instant Super Green Smoothie another one for Green Tea X50 fans

instant super green smoothie

As slowly as the Tribeca Health family originally grew, making it look like Green Tea X50 was all the brand were going to do. This year the Australian company have really stepped up their game almost exploding with new additions. The latest from Tribeca following the confirmation of the Green Tea X50 Energy Drink with PH7+ alkaline water is Instant Super Green Smoothie. The supplement is yet another formula from the brand keeping with their clean theme, and giving their Green Tea X50 loving audience something they’re highly likely to be interested in. Just as the product is titled, Instant Super Green Smoothie is a powder supplement packed with a whole bunch of super food ingredients. The product’s main super food blend features wheat and barley grass, spirulina, green coffee bean, green tea, camu camu, goji berry, seabuckthorn juice and lucuma. To further push that theme of clean and natural Tribeca’s Instant Super Green Smoothie also lists highlights such as no dairy, gluten-free, nothing artificial and no added sugar. Release of this one is said to take place in about two weeks time, with just the one 50 serving raw & natural flavored bag confirmed for now.

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