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Kris Gethin’s KagedKountdown could be to Rekaged & Inkaged

kris gethin

While we do know Kris Gethin does do a lot more than supplements, and could be referring to any one of those other things in his latest announcement. We are left hoping he is talking about any one or all of his new products, Rekaged, Inkaged and the highly likely Prekaged. The reason we feel his announcement could possibly be in relation to the upcoming products finally going on sale, is because the announcement is hashtagged #‎KagedKountown‬. It also comes with a video that shows the man himself Kris Gethin working through a set of tricep dips with his own voice sharing some inspirational words in the background. In the middle of it all the 15 second clip does feature the line “Just 1 More Day”. It seems what ever it is that Kris Gethin has lined up whether it be more Kaged Muscle supplements or something else entirely, we are going to be seeing it sometime tomorrow. You can check out the video on Gethin’s Facebook page or below, and be sure to tune in tomorrow to find out what the Kaged Kountdown is all about.

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