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Lean Tea lists what makes it better than Green Tea X50

body war lean tea

With very little competition in the market of flavored green tea, Tribeca Health have been dominating Australia with Green Tea X50 for some time. There was one competitor with the similarly named and packaged Body Science Green Tea TX100, however it doesn’t quite compare to the formula Body War have put together. It was last month that the Australian brand Body War unveiled and detailed Lean Tea, a green tea concoction featuring more than just green tea. Built to take as much attention as possible away from the original Green Tea X50, Body War’s newcomer packs nine ingredients on top of green tea adding a whole lot more to the experience. As the brand prepare to unleash Lean Tea on Australia they’ve now released a comparison chart designed to show Green Tea X50 fans what makes Body War’s supplement that much better. In the comparison the brand have also include Green Tea TX100, which alongside Green Tea X50 it looks like Lean Tea wins out. With Lean Tea’s 10 ticks, 64 servings and 4g serving size against Tribeca’s 2 ticks for each of its ingredients, 60 servings and 3g serving size, Body War do make a solid argument. We have of course added the comparison chart below for you to checkout and see for yourself how much of a contender Lean Tea is. The big question remaining however is whether or not it’s too late for Body War since Green Tea X50 has dominated for so long?

Body War Lean Tea Vs. Green Tea X50

lean tea vs green tean x50

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