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MAN Sports PepTest Bulk getting another flavor

peptest bulk

Something MAN Sports seem to be doing better than anyone else lately is putting together new flavors. While their top rated pre-workout Game Day doesn’t have the most exciting menu available, a lot of the brand’s other supplements do have some rather interesting options. NOO Pump was originally launched in the deliciously sweet pineapple express, and has since had two more added to its list with blueberry pomination and blood orange. Another one would have to be ISO Amino in particular its candy inspired flavors, which we don’t need to say anything more about other than it’s the best tasting amino available. The last product we’re going to touch on is PepTest Bulk, one of MAN’s most recently released entirely new supplements and one that is soon going to get another flavor. Just as the brand always do they’ve now started teasing the coming of their latest, with an unknown option for the pre-workout PepTest Bulk. With the Sour Patch Kids inspired Sour Batch being the product’s only taste available at the moment MAN have a tough act to follow. More clues and/or information is expected to be leaked soon as the brand build towards another exclusive 1%er launch.

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