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Promera Sample Program no longer offering multiple freebies


Last week we posted about Promera Sport’s new Sample Program where fans could get a free trial size pouch of one of the brand’s supplements. The products you could choose from were Amino-Tren, Beta-Cret 2.0, Capsi-Blast and Pump Extrem in 6, 5, 10 and 6 serving bags. The only thing you had to pay was $4.99 for shipping, however we later figured out you could get all four for free by simply going straight to each item’s dedicated page. We did say at the time that if you liked the look of the offer you may want to act fast as Promera have now as expected changed the Sample Program. Instead of paying the shipping and getting the supplement free, it is the other way around with shipping free and the trial size costing $4.99. The edit obviously gets rid of the ability to add all four as it would then be $4.99 each. While the Promera Sample Program isn’t as good as it was before, the brand are actually now giving you more for your $4.99. Not only will you get the trial size of the product you choose, but from here on out Promera will also be throwing in a free 8 serving pouch of their flagship formula, the concentrated creatine Con-Cret. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you would like to sample all four formulas like with the free Con-Cret. Promera have thrown in a bit more for the whole set with $19.99 getting you all the trial sizes, Con-Cret and a 3-In-1 shaker.

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