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RSP Nutrition latest Facebook hacking victim

rsp nutrition hacked

The wonderful world of Facebook has claimed its latest supplement industry hacked victim. After seeing all of Scitec Nutrition’s pages get caught earlier this month and the official Mr. Olympia page back in March, it is now RSP Nutrition’s turn. The first unwanted post hit the brand’s page at around 13:30 Eastern Time, and has since been followed by a whole lot more. Some of the clickbait type articles RSP fans are being treated to include “Kylie Jenner (age 17), Pregnant By Rapper Tyga (25)?!”, “This Girl Accidentally Sent Her Boss A Nip Snapchat, His Response Was PERFECT” and “10 Most Disturbing Photos You Will Ever See”. Unlike the Mr. Olympia drama and more like Scitec’s unfortunate experience, RSP Nutrition do know about the hack. A representative of the brand has commented on some of the posts with the message “Sorry to all of our fans. We are having trouble with our Facebook page. We are working with Facebook to get this resolved. Please bear with us as we fix these issues”. Based on the time stamp of all the RSP comments it seems the brand have known about hack for almost an hour and a half, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

rsp hacked


Update 05/30: After a massive spike in activity that saw links posted to RSP’s Facebook page a lot more frequently, it seems the problem has now been solved. More than a day after the drama started RSP have finally regained control. All of the unwanted Facebook posts have been removed and the page is back to normal.

rsp hacked

It’s back

Update 06/01: While initially it did seem like RSP Nutrition’s hacking troubles were over. Today, two days after they managed to remove all the posts from their page things have started back up again. This time however if you visit RSP’s Facebook page you won’t actually notice anything strange. To see what’s going on you have to be a follower or to have at least liked their page. The hack is similar to what happened back with the Mr. Olympia page as all of their links never appeared on the page itself but did show up in fans’ feeds. So far only three unwanted posts have shown up “Wait, your underwear can talk?”, “Would you date a criminal if she was this hot?” and “Can you believe the city of New York actually does this?”. They all went online between 1 and 2PM Eastern which could mean the issue has been taken care of, although the links can still be seen in feeds.

rsp hacked

Sorry, this page isn’t available

Update 06/02: It seems that RSP Nutrition’s Facebook page has now been removed are at lest temporarily disconnected. If you visit the brand at the moment you will be taken to a page saying “The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed”. You can search for RSP Nutrition and still see them listed with likes, however if you click you will be taken right back to your own homepage. We haven’t seen the brand post anything about the issue on Twitter or Instagram, although it is now looking like fairly serious problem.

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