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Scitec Facebook followers treated to more than supplements


It seems Scitec Nutrition’s pages are the latest to catch the Facebook bug, similar to what happened to the official Mr. Olympia page back in March. It all started about 12 hours ago on Scitec’s hometown Hungarian Facebook page where a link was posted directing fans to a gallery titled “WOW!! Nice Panties!!”. Since then more and more posts have shown up, pretty much once every hour. Scitec followers have been treated to things like “See Through Yoga Pants ROCK”, “When Couples Shower Together”, and “Curves That Make Men Weak!!!”. Since Scitec has more than one page it is no surprise that the hack spread to Scitec Online, Scitec France and the Scitec WOD Crusher page. Last time we checked the English page Scitec Online had been fixed and cleaned up, the other three however including the first to get hit are still dirty. We do know Scitec are aware of the hack as not only did they clean up one of their pages but they have posted the message “The site was hacked facebook Scitec Hungary, (we) are working on the problem, (and) ask for your patience until then!”. While the Mr. Olympia team managed to clean up their mess in a day, they did only have one page to take care of. Scitec have four that we know of, three still infected, so it could be some time before everything is fixed.

Update: All of Scitec’s pages are bug free and back to being controlled by the brand

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