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Thermoxyn Detox combining 20 different ingredients for $20

thermoxyn detox

If you’re an iForce Nutrition fan looking for a detox formula to add to your weight loss stack or for any other use, you can now shop in house. The brand themselves have put together a detox supplement that is actually a spin off of their fat burning formula Thermoxyn. The official name of the product is Thermoxyn Detox, which of course can easily be stacked with the weight loss supplement that inspired it. Unlike the original Thermoxyn, Thermoxyn Detox has just the one proprietary blend designed to basically cleanse and detoxify. In total there are 20 different ingredients making up Thermoxyn Detox’s proprietary including pumpkin seed, rhubarb, acai, cayenne pepper and flax seed oil. You can see the product’s complete list of contents below in its facts panel, and if you like what you see the supplement is already available at a couple of locations. iForce’s own store does of course have Thermoxyn Detox in stock for $19.99, which is actually the same price as what All Star Health have it for. While it is quite unusual to see a retailer with the same price as a brand. Since All Star appears to be the only place with Thermoxyn Detox, it’s too early to tell if they’re expensive or iForce are cheap.

iForce Nutrition Thermoxyn Detox

thermoxyn detox

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