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USN Supplements invading the US with an all new line up

usn supplements

Today we would like to introduce you to a new brand here on Stack3d, although if you’re an international reader chances are the brand won’t be overly new to you. The name of the company is USN Supplements, who just launched their line in the US back in March. They’ve been around for quite a while in a lot of other countries covering the likes of the UK, Australia and South Africa. Each area does have its own line of USN Supplements, which is the same case for what the brand have brought to the US. USN’s list of products ranges far enough to cover all the important categories with items such as their amino cocktail Duramino, fat burner Hyper-Cuts Lipo XT, and protein powder 1-Whey Hydrolysate. As young as USN Supplements are here, they have already starting adding to their collection introducing a 1.6lb tub for 1-Whey Hydrolysate and a pre-workout formula named 3XT-Pump. USN are actually one of a few international brands trying to make it big in the US this year joining the likes of Myprotein and Black Skull. For more information on USN and what they have to offer in their new area check out their alternate website at

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