Active BCAA Regen 187mg blend has beta-alanine third

active bcaa regen

Of all the HighT Pro Formula Five series supplements, Active BCAA Regen is the only one really following any trends. Without any kind of pre-workout, pump product or protein powder, Active BCAA Regen enters the Formula Five line into the increasingly popular amino cocktail category. While you may be thinking it’s another supplement to add to the list of BCAAs you’ll give a go, there are a few things that may make you want to skip the product. Packed into each tub of the HighT amino is 30 servings, each weighing in at 6.5g. Traditionally the BCAA dose runs from 3 to 5g, with the latter being what most competitive brands use these days. In the case of Active BCAA Regen you only get 2.25g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, as the rest is made up of a few other features. The Formula Five supplement also lists 2g of coconut water and squeezed in to the smallest of blends weighing in at 187mg you have carnitine, agmatine, beta-alanine, arginine, glutamine, phenylalanine and taurine. Since beta-alanine is usually dosed between 2 to 3.2g and agmatine anywhere from 500mg to 1g, we can’t help but wonder if Active BCAA Regen’s listing of 187mg is some kind of a mistake. Whether or not you believe us you can see the product’s label for yourself down below, as well as some stacking information if for whatever reason you decide to grab the low dose amino.

HighT Pro Formula Five Active BCAA Regen

active bcaa regen

How to stack Active BCAA Regen

Turbo T – Breaking down and rebuilding is how your muscles grow. Stacking Active BCAA Regen with Turbo T will buffer lactic acid production and reduce muscle fatigue, resulting in quicker recovery and mass gain.

Growth 191 – Stacking Active BCAA Regen with Growth 191 utilizes the power of key ingredients including coconut water to help increase electrolyte uptakes to hydrate your body, and fuel the delivery system of nutrients to your muscles.

Thermo Fuel – Stacking Active BCAA Regen with Thermo Fuel keeps you sharp during your training, fuels your muscles with key amino acids, burns fat, and floods your body with essential electrolytes…Capitalizing on every minute of your workout.

Regen PM – Stacking Active BCAA Regen with Regen PM utilizes the power of key ingredients including BCAAS and coconut water to increase electrolyte uptake to hydrate your body and fuel the delivery system of nutrients to your muscles.

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