HighT Pro Formula Five system designed for dedicated athletes

Jun 8th, 2015
hight pro formula five

HighT is not a brand we have posted about before, but have definitely seen a lot of. Moving forward we’re going to keep everyone informed on the brand as much as possible, starting off with the introduction of the new HighT Pro Formula Five system. This is an entirely new line for the brand that just as its title suggests, features five different supplements. In the brand’s words the HighT Pro Formula Five series was “designed for dedicated athletes looking to maximize their performance and reach new heights in their quest for ultimate results.” The five products making up the collection are Growth 191, Active BCAA Regen, Turbo T, Thermo Fuel and Regen PM. Of course since we’re introducing the HighT Pro Formula Five system today we do have everything you need to know about the line. We’ve put together dedicated posts on each of the supplements which categories are, the muscle builder Growth 191, amino cocktail Active BCAA Regen, testosterone booster Turbo T, fat burner Thermo Fuel and the nighttime formula Regen PM. You can click any of those links to get more on the products with just the one now available at GNC, the testosterone supplement Turbo T.

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