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American Metabolix Energy Drink 1 of the brand’s entirely new products

american metabolix energy drink

Whether or not you liked American Muscle’s big move they announced yesterday confirming a name change to American Metabolix, as well as a Premium Whey like rebrand. You are definitely going to appreciate all the other exciting things the brand’s big move is going to bring. Previously we did say that the switch to American Metabolix is going to see the introduction of some entirely new supplements from the brand, something we haven’t seen from them in a very long time. While we don’t yet have details on any of the others, we can now tell you about the one that is most likely going to surprise you the most.

Just as the title of this post says there is an American Metabolix Energy Drink coming soon. Not much has been revealed about the product other than the fact that it is an energy drink and that it will have a more traditional energy drink taste. The American Metabolix Energy Drink will see the revitalized brand join the small list of supplement companies in the premixed energy market with something that is definitely going to increase their audience.

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