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American Metabolix officially the new name of American Muscle

american metabolix

If you’ve been following American Muscle over the past couple of weeks you will have seen them teasing the coming of something big. Not once did the brand give any kind of clue as to what exactly their “something big” is until today as they have now announced something big. American Muscle is no longer going to be known as American Muscle. The brand has officially changed their name to American Metabolix, and as you can see above that’s not all they’ve changed.

The brand’s entire line of supplements has been rebranded except for their Stack3d Certified protein powder Premium Whey, as it is Premium Whey’s branding that has been copied across to the other products. Another major thing the American Metabolix move is going to introduce is wider availability. The brand haven’t exactly said where they’ll be expanding to, just that they’ll be getting into more distribution channels for greater consumer accessibility. American Metabolix have already added a message to their website warning fans of the change, which lastly is also said to be bringing the brand’s first entirely new product in quite some time.

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