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Custom Easy Go Dispenser added to 6 Pack’s accessories section

Easy Go Dispenser

Much like most of 6 Pack’s accessories, the latest addition to their store sees them throw their name on another well-known innovation the Easy Go Dispenser. If you haven’t heard of the Easy Go Dispenser before, the idea is fairly straightforward. The product is a bottle that is split up into three compartments, bottom, middle, then top which acts as a lid and funnel. The bottom is where you put your powder, then once you tip it upside down the powder will fill up the middle area without flowing through to the top.

It is only when you turn the knob on the side that the middle’s 15g of powder will pour out the lid, giving you the ability to dispense your powder in 15g amounts. In total the bottom of the Easy Go Dispenser has room for 180g of powder, making it a nice clean accessory for those days where you need to conveniently carry six or so scoops of protein. As for 6 Pack’s version of the item the design is of course identical with the only difference being the addition of the brand’s logo. You can find the custom product in 6 Pack’s accessories department on their store where you’ll see the Easy Go Dispenser in stock for $19.99.

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