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Epiq Stryke the next pre-workout from the bright orange brand

epiq stryke

EPIQ Stryke has been confirmed as the next new supplement to join the bright orange Epiq line up. The product will be a pre-workout, the same category you’ll find the brand’s energizing formulas Rush and Power currently competing in. Compared to either of those two, Epiq Stryke doesn’t exactly take much inspiration from its in-house competitors introducing itself to fans with what is looking like a rather different experience. The brand is promising a number of different effects for the pre-workout with the likes of energy, focus, intensity and pump. To help deliver on those promises in total the supplement lists 10 different ingredients which includes the usual performance features such as CarnoSyn beta-alanine and taurine, as well as the classic stimulant caffeine at 175mg per serving. It is in Epiq Stryke’s pump and adaptogen matrix that things get a little more interesting with a blend of Sensoril ashwagandha, japanese raisintree fruit extract, cordyceps sinensis, rhodiola, and free acid l-arginine. Since the product isn’t 100% transparent we only know the caffeine dose, however across the two scoop maximum everything excluding caffeine does add up quite high to almost 8.5g. When it comes to flavors Epiq Stryke will be launching in the traditional icy blue raspberry, which will later be joined by fruit punch splash and pink lemonade. For those after a closer look at the upcoming Epiq supplement, as always we’ve got the official facts panel for the pre-workout below with the product itself expected to be hitting retailers sometime soon.

Epiq Stryke

epiq stryke

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