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Mystery Gifted BCAA shows up with 60 grams less than the original

gifted bcaa

While the individual ingredient formula Gifted BCAA was originally released late last year, an image of another supplement by the same name has now surfaced. In the past the brand have shown off several products that have yet to make it to shelves, however this one is slightly more confusing than that. The presumably upcoming supplement features the exact same name as the current Gifted BCAA, as well as the same effects across the front of the bottle. The big question left of course is what is inside the product? With the original apparently weighing in at 360g and this one at 300g, you have to wonder if it’s an entirely different formula or are Gifted looking to repackage. The reason we say the original apparently weighs in at 360g is despite what it says on the outside, the brand’s official website does list 100 servings, each weighing 6g. It doesn’t take long to figure out something’s not right there as that would mean Gifted BCAA measures 600g, not the 360 it has on its label. Either way you look at it more information on the mystery Gifted BCAA would be helpful as the visually different product joins the brand’s long list of coming soon supplements with the likes of Growtein, BYLT and Beyond Pumped.

Gifted BCAA 300g

gifted bcaa

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