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Tribeca take the next likely step introducing clothiing

green tea x50 clothing

Tribeca Health have taken the next likely step after revealing and releasing a number of new products this year. As more and more versions of Green Tea X50 pile in, as well as entirely different supplements such as Raw Vegan Skinny Protein, it was only a matter of time before the Australian brand decided to do clothing. Their website now has a little spot promoting Team Green Tea X50 apparel, asking those interested to contact them.

The brand doesn’t yet have a list or catalog of what kinds of clothing they have to offer, however there are plenty of pictures giving you an idea of the styles. Most of the items appear to be your traditional tanks, tees and jackets, except for the SassFit compression tights that take things much further incorporating a tropical Green Tea X50 design. While Tribeca don’t appear to be selling any of their apparel direct just yet, at the speed they’re growing we can see that changing sometime in the near future.

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