HighT Growth 191 mostly made up of amino acids

growth 191

Taking up the number “02” spot in the new HighT Pro Formula Five series is Growth 191. The supplement makes a lot of promises right off the bat on the front of its box before you even get a chance to turn it around to see its ingredients. Directly below Growth 191’s title the product lists “114% increase in bench press force”, “70% increase in squat reps”, and “50% increase in 3 set bench press”. To help deliver on those promises HighT have put together a combination of eight different features, although strangely enough only two of those eight aren’t amino acids. Starting from the top you have Alpha GPC (l-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine), then SerinAid phosphatidylserine, finishing off with a small 650mg blend of arginine, AAKG, BCAAs (2:1:1), Sustamine glutamine, citrulline and l-glutamine. For those interested in a closer look at the contents of Growth 191 we have added its official facts panel below, as well as some stacking information taken from the supplement’s label.

HighT Pro Formula Five Growth 191

growth 191

Growth 191 stacking information

Turbo T – Stacking Growth 191 with Turbo T will increase natural hormone secretagogue, resulting in massive strength & muscle gains.

Active BCAA Regen – Stacking Growth 191 with Active BCAA Regen utilizes the power of key ingredients including coconut water to help increase electrolyte uptakes to hydrate your body, and fuel the delivery system of nutrients to your muscles.

Thermo Fuel – Stacking Growth 191 with Thermo Fuel will cause you to be alert and focused, burn fat, while increasing muscle and strength gains.

Regen PM – Stacking Growth 191 with Regen PM will not only help fuel your muscles with the vital nutrients they need to grow and become stronger, but also works around the clock for faster results, all while you get a great nights sleep.

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