HighT Turbo T a testosterone booster with a bit of caffeine and agmatine

hight turbo t

The only HighT Pro Formula Five supplement available at the moment is Turbo T. Like the others, HighT Turbo T can be stacked with any or all of the Formula Five products. Each one has a number printed on it with Turbo T’s being “01”. The supplement is officially described by the brand as an advanced testosterone formula, a description that is actually backed up by 15 different ingredients. The HighT Turbo T label is basically divided up into two sides, you have the High T blend and the Advanced NO Blend which is followed by a few other interesting additions. Up top you will find features like fenugreek and boron, then in the NO blend ingredients such as CarnoSyn beta-alanine, citurlline malate (1:1), and AAKG. Outside of the proprietaries is where HighT Turbo T has its transparently dosed features with 100mg of agmatine, 70mg of caffeine, and a few other ingredients. You can see the complete list of contents for HighT Turbo T below, as well as some stacking information for those interested in knowing what the product is expected to do with each of the other Formula Five supplements.

HighT Turbo T

hight turbo t

Stacking HighT Turbo T

Growth 191 – Stacking Turbo T with Growth 191 will increase natural hormone secretagogue resulting in massive strength & muscle gains.

Active BCAA Regen – Breaking down and rebuilding is how your muscles grow. Stacking Turbo T with Active BCAA Regen will buffer lactic acid production and reduce muscle fatigue, resulting in quicker recovery and mass gain.

Thermo Fuel – Stacking Turbo T with Thermo Fuel will cause you to be alert, focused, burn fat, and build muscle during your most intense physical activities.

Regen PM – Your body does most of it’s growing while sleeping. Stacking Turbo T with Regen PM will help refuel your body with vital nutrients you’ve lost throughout the day, all while getting a great nights sleep.

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