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Hydrowhey Vs Hydrolysis, Black Skull calls out Optimum again

hydrowhey vs hydrolysis

Of all the big battles we’ve seen recently, most of them have the soon to be US available brand Black Skull in the middle of it all. First the Brazilian brand called out MuscleMeds and their beef protein Carnivor, then Optimum Nutrition and their legendary 100% Whey Gold Standard. Black Skull have now called out the veteran brand Optimum once again, this time putting their hydrolyzed whey formula Hydrolysis up against the Platinum Series Hydrowhey. Like all of Black Skull’s other battles, Hydrowhey vs Hydrolysis compares each supplement’s protein per scoop percentage. The comparison puts Hydrowhey at 76.92% and the challenger Hydrolysis at 85.71%.

Strangely enough on this occasion Black Skull do kind of come out on top even when you factor in other details. In terms of value for in Brazil Optimum’s Hydrowhey costs $278.32 (BRL) for a 1.75lb. Hydrolysis on the other hand comes in a 2lb tub at $208 (BRL), giving you more for less. Even if you compare its cost effectiveness to a larger Hydrowhey, Black Skull still offers the better value. Optimum do have a few extras in their product such as added BCAAs and more flavors, however it is easy to see Hydrolysis coming out as a solid solution. Alternatively when Black Skull finally come to the US we don’t imagine the cost effectiveness will be the same, likely bringing the two closer if not putting the battle in Hydrowhey’s favor.

Hydrowhey Vs Hydrolysis, Optimum Vs Black Skull #2

hydrowhey vs hydrolysis