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Magnum rebrand puts Limitless look on everything else


When Magnum unveiled their new pre-workout Limitless you may have noticed it didn’t quite have all the bright and vibrant colors the rest of the line does. The only one it has much in common with is Magnum’s protein powder Quattro, which make sense as the supplement was just rebranded back in March. All that is soon going to change as every one of Magnum’s products is going to be updated with a look a whole lot more like Limitless. As great as it is to see all the supplements dressed in their 2015 packaging above, this is something we kind of saw coming. Last week we posted about two new Magnum products on the way EBrake and GSpring. Not only are the two new but they also come with branding almost identical to Limitless, except of course for their details and theme color. It seems the same rule applies to all the other supplements as the layout of information, fonts and infinity graphic are being kept the same throughout. Like all major rebrands we can’t imagine the change taking place immediately, more like Magnum phasing in what they can when they can.

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