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Medievil Berserker will finally give the Excalibur brand a pre-workout

medievil berserker

When Medievil introduced their second supplement, we were quite surprised that they decided to go with a creatine. While there most certainly isn’t any thing wrong with that type of product, we expected the brand to go in a more popular direction since they launched with Excalibur, their fat burner. As it turns out Medievil have now confirmed their interest in the pre-workout category, announcing the coming of Medievil Berseker. The supplement will be the well presented brand’s third formula, and a great opportunity for them to get creative with their packaging again just as they did for Excalibur, although not for the basic Creatine Assault. While Medievil have not mentioned anything about the ingredients in their upcoming pre-workout, usually you can look at other products from a brand to see what they’re capable of. That being said if you take a look at Excalibur, unfortunately you may not be too excited about Medievil Berserker. For now the name is all we have to leave you with as well as the brand’s vague promise of Medievil Berserker coming soon.

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