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Larger Modern Protein packing more than twice as much

modern protein

Following USP Labs’ Inner Circle Modern Protein release from just a couple of weeks ago, the supplement has now started showing up in stores. The biggest place currently stocking the protein powder is the Vitamin Shoppe, who have Modern Protein available alongside the new Ultimate T for $29.99. Fans have both Inner Circle flavors to choose from with milk chocolate and vanilla ice cream. While the Vitamin Shoppe is as mentioned the biggest place to go, there is somewhere else that not only has USP’s Modern Protein at a better price, but also in a different size. It is Fitness First that have, just as the brand promised a larger tub of the product weighing in at 4.5lbs and packing 54 servings. The price on the more than double Modern Protein is obviously a lot better than the smaller 1.9lb with Fitness First listing it at $47.95, saving you a little less than 15% per serving. More stores are no doubt due to get the new USP protein powder soon, which will confirm how good Fitness First’s 4.5lb price truly is.

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