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New Jack3d could be likely after rebrand and name change

new jack3d

With USP Labs’ fans still getting over the excitement of a new protein powder in Modern Protein, and the release of the brand’s new muscle builder Ultimate T. Believe it or not it looks like USP may have something else on the way that is likely going to get fans worked up even more. If you’re like us you may have noticed recently that some of USP’s supplements have had a bit of a makeover. Both Yok3d and Super Cissus have dropped their previous looks and been switched to a design more in line with Modern Protein and Ultimate T. The same thing appears to have been done to the pre-workout Jack3d Advanced, however there is more to it than just a different looking label. It seems the new Jack3d no longer has “Advanced” attached to its title, raising the question as to whether or not the formula has also been modified as well. USP Labs have also conveniently taken down the label for the product from their website, making things even more suspicious. With the brand’s muscle building formula Ultimate T still yet to get an Inner Circle launch, if there is in fact a new Jack3d on the way we may not be seeing it until Ultimate T’s introduction is out of the way. We could of course just be looking at a simple rebrand, although there is no harm in getting your hopes up.

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