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Pre-Rx Review: Proccor pre-workout an interesting blend of focus & energy

pre-rx review

It’s always good to get a taste of new brand by way of a popular category competitor, whether it be pre-workout, fat burner or even protein powder. Recently we’ve been putting Proccor to the test, or to be more specific the Proccor pre-workout Pre-Rx to the test. Like the rest of the brand’s range Pre-Rx is a 100% transparently dosed formula promising all the usual effects, energy, focus, muscle volumization and performance. Today we are here to confirm just how well the brand deliver on those promises with our Pre-Rx review, which is also doubling as our first taste of Proccor.

Of all the effects Proccor promise for Pre-Rx there are two that only really stand out. Energy and focus is where this one excels, with the other features performance and pump, not adding much to the experience. While we do usually start out with the first effect you feel, on this occasion surprisingly you won’t get energy without focus.

Stars of the supplement

Around the time Pre-Rx’s energy kicks in as you’re preparing to hit or on your way to the gym, the focus also decides to take over. The two start so close together it is hard to say which one comes first, although we will give it to focus. The supplement tends to clear your head and get you centered on your workout, and then it introduces the energy. Despite the focus being rather calm like it is in all good mind altering pre-workouts, the energy does help put a nice spin on it when it completely kicks in. Due to the energy amping up your body getting you ready to unleash something, the effect actually ends up amplifying the focus. Soon enough whether you’re at the gym or not, you’ll have the energy and confidence to go set after set, and the focus to really blank out everything else in existence. If we had to describe the level of the two effects the energy definitely isn’t over the top nor is it weak, sitting a bit above average. As for the focus it isn’t the best we’ve seen but when it combines with the energy you’re left with a very driven, hard working mindset.

pre-rx review

Depending on when you take Pre-Rx both the energy and focus should be ready to go for when you start hitting the weights, where right from the first exercise it sets a kind of pace for your workout. While the energy ensures you have the power to do the reps you want at the weight you can, and then some. The focus keeps you centered and consistently driven, giving you plenty of control and making sure you’re not rushing through your workout like some of the more stimulant driven pre-workouts encourage. We do feel there is a bit of a performance side to Pre-Rx, as despite the product not forcing you to shorten your rest or pick up the pace at any point. If you do decide to demand more endurance and pain tolerance from your body, the supplement does keep up and will not drop its energy or focus levels one bit

Pump is a no show

As mentioned at the beginning Proccor do promise the usual four effects for Pre-Rx, energy, pump, focus and performance. Energy and focus as you may have read are most definitely the stars of the show, with performance not making a massive appearance but enough to make a difference. As for Pre-Rx’s pump, we can’t say it really did too much. Whether it is the energy or focus that pushes it aside or the performance that takes up what little space the pump needs, it doesn’t come close to the pumps we’ve seen in other more complete pre-workouts. With all that said Proccor do have a separate pump product (RC Pump) and don’t actually have too many ingredients included in Pre-Rx for pump, giving you a lot freedom to stack with dedicated pump formulas.

pre-rx review

Pre-Rx review final words

In a category where we’re seeing new competitors introduced almost every week, Proccor’s Pre-Rx does do enough to stand out above most. While the supplement isn’t as well-rounded as we’d like, in the areas it does deliver it does a pretty good job. Instead of just pulling together a bit of energy and claiming the other effects, Proccor’s Pre-Rx comes through with an incredibly interesting mix of energy and focus, and a touch of performance. The two stars of the show (energy and focus) are of course the ones to blame for the memorable experience, which make for a very Magnum Limitless and Scivation Psycho like workout although at a slightly less intense level.

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