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Proccor reformulates its pre-workout Pre-RX and does not disappoint

proccor pre-rx

Proccor has relaunched its pre-workout formula Pre-RX, although the brand has done a lot more to the product than we’ve seen from relaunches in the past. Proccor has actually completely reformulated the product and put together three different versions with a regular Pre-RX, as well as Pre-RX Extreme and a stimulant free Pre-RX.

What is it

Just like the previous editions of Proccor’s Pre-RX, the all-new version features a loaded list of ingredients for an all-around pre-workout experience. The regular Pre-RX combines compounds for strength, performance, and endurance, as well as a solid mix of features for increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and improved muscle pumps.

proccor pre-rx

You can see the full list of ingredients in the regular Pre-RX in the facts panel above, which as mentioned is impressively packed, with a heavy 23.2g serving size. Proccor’s latest pre-workout competitor includes highlights such as 3g each of NO3-T betaine nitrate and Creapure creatine, 1.5g of GlycerPump glycerol, 6g of citrulline, Dynamine, choline, and more.

Extreme and stim-free versions

As for the other two versions, the stimulant-free Pre-RX is exactly that; a version without stimulants. It features everything the regular pre-workout does regarding ingredients and doses except the 250mg of natural caffeine and 52.5mg of Infinergy dicaffeine malate. You then have Pre-RX Extreme which does its name justice with a truly more extreme formula.

Proccor’s intense Pre-RX Extreme is essentially a higher energy alternative that also has a few additions and increases, as well as some removed ingredients. The extreme pre-workout features the same formula as the regular version minus the creatine and beta-alanine plus an extra 50mg of natural caffeine, five times more Dynamine, and added TeaCrine.

proccor pre-rx extreme

We do have to applaud Proccor on its new Pre-RX as it has really done a great job pulling together such a comprehensive and competitive pre-workout formula. The additional versions make it that little bit more impressive and are great for people who may prefer something without any caffeine, as well as those that want a more intense experience.

Where to buy

All three of Proccor’s new Pre-RX pre-workouts are now available for purchase directly from the brand’s online store at Usually, they’d all cost $49.99 each for 20 maximum serving tub, however for a limited time you can use the coupon “INTRO40”, and get the regular, stimulant-free, or extreme Pre-RX for just $30.