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Proccor tee added to the brand’s growing clothing collection

proccor tee

Following on from Proccor’s website update from not too long ago that introduced a much stronger more graphic driven layout, the brand have now added some more merchandise. Four products in total have been uploaded, one entirely new item and three reintroduced pieces. The three products fans may be familiar with and Proccor have finally got back in stock are their snapbacks.

There are three colors to choose from with white, grey and black, all featuring the brand’s text logo across the front. As for the fourth piece which is not yet available, Proccor have their first tee now listed as coming soon. Just like the three snapbacks the all black shirt is your straightforward stock logo top also featuring the brand’s name across the front.

Regardless of what ever Proccor product you go with the price will be the same as each of the snapbacks and tee have been priced at $19.99. The place to go to pick up any of the items is the brand’s own store found at

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