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Pussycat Whey shouldn’t be picking fights with anyone

pussycat whey vs fitmiss delight

As interesting as Black Skull’s previous comparisons have been picking on MuscleMeds Carnivor and Optimum Nutrition on two occasions. Their latest head to head battle is definitely one they probably shouldn’t have put out there, or at least put themselves in the same category as their named competitor. The supplement Black Skull have called out this time is the women’s protein powder Fitmiss Delight, putting it up against their recently revealed Carol Saraiva Series Pussycat Whey. The reason we’re saying it’s not a comparison you’d want to show off is because most of the time women’s protein powders are a bit of a rip off. The fact of the matter is Black Skull should actually be promoting a comparison of Pussycat Whey and their own Whey Zero. Basically the already available Whey Zero not only features a protein to scoop ratio 17% more than Pussycat Whey. But it also has no carbs, no fat, is a 100% whey isolate formula as opposed to Pussycat’s concentrate led blend, and above all is cheaper in 2lb versus 2lb. While you can check out Black Skull’s protein per scoop battle below, you only need to look as far as the brand’s own line to realize Pussycat Whey shouldn’t be picking any fights.

Black Skull Pussycat Whey Vs Fitmiss Delight

pussycat whey vs fitmiss delight

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