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Royalty Famine label confirms fat burner as once a day formula

royalty famine

While Royalty Famine, the brand’s first fat burning supplement, has still yet to be released. Today we have an update on the long-awaited product giving you a first look at what’s inside the formula. Previously all we knew was that the supplement is a capsule weight loss solution, packing 45 servings into each bottle. Thanks to all the information we now have we can tell you 45 servings does work out to be 45 days worth, as Royalty Famine is a one capsule/serving a day product. The main reason behind that once a day dosage is because the formula is of course a very stimulant driven supplement.

Like all good stimulant powered fat burners, Royalty Famine is based around one main proprietary blend. The one and only blend weighs in at a total of 732mg, featuring a total of eight different ingredients. Starting from the top of the products proprietary you have caffeine, choline, sulbutiamine, synephrine, green tea, alpha lipoic acid, what looks to be guggul PE, and to complete the package yohimbine HCl. All together the contents are promising to deliver on energy, focus, thermogenesis, metabolic stimulation and the always difficult appetite suppression. While we do now have all of Royalty Famine’s details we don’t yet know when the supplement will be available, although feel free to see the weight loss product in more detail below in its unfortunately sized facts panel.

Royalty Famine

royalty famine

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