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Possible Scitec MyoMax sequel gets more of everything

scitec myomax

Scitec Nutrition have announced the coming of a new supplement that is going to be a sequel to their legendary mass gainer. The European brand haven’t exactly said what mass gaining product they are referring to, however we do feel it’s fairly obvious. In Scitec’s latest announcement they go on to say the updated supplement they have coming has five different proteins, seven carbohydrate sources and six types of creatine. Based on that description and the colors used in the brand’s coming soon promotion, the product is sounding a lot like a MyoMax Hardcore sequel. At the moment Scitec MyoMax features two types of protein, dextrose and maltodextrin as its carbohydrate sources, and five different forms of creatine. The changes the brand are teasing definitely sound like major upgrades, however Scitec have said something else that should excite fans who know a bit about MyoMax. On top of their three main highlights the brand have said they’ll be bringing improvements to every detail. Those familiar with Scitec MyoMax will know the all-in-one formula also has a 10g amino matrix, a beta blend with ingredients such as beta-alanine, HMB and avena sativa, as well as a support proprietary which includes features like bitter melon extract and l-carnitine l-tartrate. If the brand are indeed talking about MyoMax Hardcore then it will be interesting to see what kind of changes they make to the other areas of the supplement, especially after more than doubling the protein and carb sources.

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