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WOD Crusher Series Omega 3 has finally arrived

scitec omega 3

As a follow up to Scitec Nutrition’s unveiling of their second addition to the WOD Crusher Series with Ultra Concentrated Omega 3, the brand have finally released the supplement. Previously we only had a small description of the product to go off, although now that it is available we’ve got more exact details. Squeezed into every bottle of the new Scitec Omega 3 you get 90 capsules, working out to 30 three capsule servings. Making up each of those servings is 3g of fish oil, providing a minimum of 2.34g of omega-3 fatty acids broken down to 1.2g EPA, 900mg DHA and 240mg of other fatty acids. If you’re more used to seeing per capsule numbers the Scitec Omega 3 then looks like 1g of fish oil providing 780mg of fatty acids, with 400mg EPA, 300mg DHA and 80mg of other. To find out more on the WOD Crusher Series supplement check out Scitec’s website or look out for the brand’s most concentrated omega-3 in stores soon.

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