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Female Signature Series fans get a Them Texas Gals tee

texas gals

If you’re a female Ronnie Coleman Signature Series fan and ever felt like your favorite brand doesn’t offer enough in terms of clothing for women. Then you will definitely be pleased with the new piece of apparel Muscle & Strength have just launched. As a spin off of Ronnie Coleman’s Them Texas Boys tank, there are now Them Texas Gal tees. The design is essentially the same except for where it says boys the new items says gals. The colors are also quite different with three V-Neck options to choose from.

You have the very light pink and the two ombré styles which you can see above, white into pink and white into blue. With the pink Them Texas Gals tee being a little simpler in terms of color it does cost quite a bit less than the ombré versions at $14.96 compared to $19.97. Regardless of price Muscle & Strength have the same three sizes now in stock for all three tees in small, medium and large.