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USN Hardcore Series heads down under with four formulas

usn hardcore series

As mentioned when we first introduced USN since they’re now moving into the American market. The brand is available in a lot of big places such as Australia, South Africa and Europe. Each area has a different range of supplements, although the series names are kept mostly the same from place to place.

Today we’ve got an update for USN fans located down under as the brand’s stockists are now due to get a Hardcore Series. USN’s South African and UK catalogs do already have their own Hardcore Series, Australia’s however is a little different to the others.

In total the latest version of the line features 4 products, a much smaller amount compared to the likes of South Africa’s one which has 13. The 4 supplements making up the Hardcore Series are Anabolic Creatine, Fast Grow Anabolic, Grow-XL and Hardcore Whey GH.

While some of the products do share names with USN supplements in other areas, they do differ slightly or at least that’s the way it looks on each of the brand’s different websites. For more information on the new USN Hardcore Series visit the brand’s dedicated Australian site at and be on the look out for them at retailers and gyms.

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