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Xtend Raw expected to cost the same as regular Xtend

xtend raw

With a menu stretching into double digits, it was only a matter of time before Scivation put together something like Xtend Raw. The latest from the brand is an unflavored version of their well known BCAA formula, Xtend. Scivation are promoting their new innovation as a great additive to pretty much anything. Some of the uses being suggested for Xtend Raw include protein shakes, green or fruit smoothies, or your favorite recipe or beverage. As you can see in the image above Xtend Raw has got a significantly smaller tub, which only makes sense since it is 50g lighter than the others and still packs 30 servings. From what we know the formula will remain the same, as despite Scivation not listing a facts panel on their website there is one on the regular Xtend’s page where Xtend Raw is also listed. While there is a price difference between Xtend and Xtend Go. Based on what the brand have on their store it does look like Xtend Raw will cost the same as the flavored versions, and will only be available in the 30 serving tub, not the larger 90.

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