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Yoga Me and Obstacle Course Backpacks hit Fitmark’s Playing Field

obstacle course race backpackk

As Fitmark’s first reservoir bag the Run About Town Backpack nears its goal, the innovative brand have added two more bags to the Playing Field. The latest additions to the unreleased pre-order system are the Yoga Me Backpack and Obstacle Course Race Backpack. The latter has been designed for the activity it’s named after, obstacle course racing.

The product is essentially one big pocket that you can throw everything in then roll the top down tight, and close it all up with clips. The Obstacle Course Race Backpack features Fitmark’s own logo loud and proud on the front in pink or blue on black and is waterproof allowing for easy cleaning after races.

As for the Yoga Me Backpack, Fitmark fans are in for something a little more technical. On top of the bag’s main compartment made big enough for all your gear you have the left side pocket fit for your bottle, a top compartment for accessories, and then to ensure it lives up to its name a custom attachment area on the right designed to hold your yoga mat.

Unlike the Obstacle Course, the Yoga Me only appears to be in one color at the moment with black. The pre-order price on the two unreleased Fitmark bags is $37.50 for the Yoga Me and $29.99 for the Obstacle Course.

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