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4D Nutrition unveiled 5 new supplements including Atti2ude


4D Nutrition has been relatively quiet over the past few months, however they are now back and busy with a whole lot of new supplements. The last thing we knew that was coming from the brand was the pre-workout product Attitude or officially titled Atti2ude. Today we’ve finally got everything you need to know about that supplement as well as four others. You can find all the details on Attitude in our post dedicated to the pre-workout with the other four products also getting posts just for them.

Making up the group of four you have two new weight loss formulas carrying on 4D’s fat burning title with Cycle 4 Black and Cycle 4 Plus. As for the last two, it wouldn’t be very 4D if the brand didn’t include a few basics of which they’ve got ZMA and what looks to be a replacement for Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with Triple Garcinia.

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