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Cycle 4 Black and Plus separated by just two ingredients

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Two of the new supplements unveiled and detailed today by 4D Nutrition are the fat burners Cycle 4 Plus and Cycle 4 Black. Fans of the brand will know Cycle 4 is 4D’s original weight loss solution, with the two new products looking like either sequels or possibly spins off that will exist alongside Cycle 4. Since both Cycle 4 Black and Plus aren’t exactly similar to 4D’s first fat burner, today we are just going to compare the new supplements going over what makes them different from one another.

Both of 4D Nutrition’s new weight loss formulas pack a total of eight ingredients. Of that eight the two actually have six in common with only one dose and two ingredients separating them. The contents Cycle 4 Black and Plus share are 1.5g of ALCAR, half a gram of green tea, 329mg green coffee, 250mg Slimaluma branded caralluma fimbriata. 50mg Capsimax and lastly we have tyrosine, which is the only common feature with a different dose as Cycle 4 Black lists it at 500mg and Plus at 250mg.

As for the two or four ingredients that really set the two 4D fat burners apart, you have Cycle 4 Black’s 200mg of caffeine and 20mcg Advantra Z where Cycle 4 Plus instead uses 225mg of ActivAMP (gynostemma pentaphyllum) and 40mcg huperzine A. Basically Cycle 4 Plus is the caffeine free one of the two, with Cycle 4 Black sounding like the more powerful one although only featuring two different ingredients and 250mg more tyrosine.

For those after a closer look at either Cycle 4 Black or Plus we have added the facts panels for both below, which also allows you to see the differences between the two side by side. If you’re after a bit of an explanation you can head on over to 4D Nutrition’s website where they do have short descriptions on each of the products. Strangely enough it is there where the supplements almost promise the exact same effects both listing appetite suppression, boosted metabolism and decreased fat/carb absorption, with only Cycle 4 Plus promoting zero stimulants.

4D Nutrition Cycle 4 Black/Cycle 4 Plus

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