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Muscle Elements Amino PM worth getting excited about

amino pm

In true Muscle Elements fashion, the brand has kept fans guessing with Amino PM right from their very first vague teaser for the supplement back in May. From mystery image to image, then to the name confirmation, this week we’ve now got the label behind the next Muscle Elements product. Last time we posted about Amino PM we were able to confirm a handful of ingredients for the formula which left us extremely excited about the nighttime supplement. Despite the features previously revealed totaling more than 10g, there is quite a bit more to Amino PM furthering our excitement.

From top to bottom, Muscle Elements sixth product packs a massive 21 ingredients or 19 if you want to count the BCAAs as one. Each serving of the supplement weighs in at a heavy 10.5g working out to an even bigger 21g when using Amino PM at its maximum of two. While the stars of the formula do take up most of the space, as mentioned there is more to Amino PM. On top of 1g of GABA, 2.4g EAAs, 3g glutamine, 2g leucine, and 3g of ActiveTR time-release leucine, Amino PM squeezes in highlights such as a gram of tryptophan, 200mg avena sativa, 250mg mucuna pruriens and 5mg of Bioperine. The combination is definitely one worth taking a look at in the label below, especially since it is the closest thing we’ve seen to MusclePharm’s Bullet Proof since we lost the nighttime powerhouse a few years ago.

For those that don’t remember MusclePharm’s Hybrid Series original, Bullet Proof held our number one recovery spot right from the beginning. Unfortunately the product was eventually discontinued and replaced by the Arnold Series Iron Dream, which didn’t really even come close to Bullet Proof. It’s been years since we’ve seen a formula as packed as Bullet Proof, although now it does look like Muscle Elements are going to give the nighttime recovery category the formula it deserves.

While we can’t of course completely judge a supplement by its label, Amino PM definitely looks promising. The formula features all the necessary ingredients, with Muscle Elements as always packing quality doses. Amino PM is expected to launch within the next month or so and will no doubt only further the brand’s already strong reputation.

Muscle Elements Amino PM

amino pm

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