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Jay Cutler shows you how to shop like a bodybuilder at Costco


You’ve seen many of the Animal Pak athletes do it such as Frank “Wrath” McGrath, ex-Animal team member Evan “Ox” Centopani, and more recently Jason “Huge” Huh, now it’s time for another brand’s athlete to show you how to shop like a bodybuilder. BPI Sports has released a video featuring legendary four time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler going through Costco and picking up everything you need for a good diet, all while sticking to a budget of $100. Unlike the Animal series Big On A Budget and Huge On A Hundred, Cutler doesn’t divide up his food to last exactly a week, going with mostly bulk purchases to save as much as possible.

Jay Cutler starts off his shopping trip with a visit to the meat section picking up 15lbs of chicken breast for $40, turning down buffalo and grabbing 3lbs of top sirloin beef for $24. He then moves on to the rest of his list with 7 1/2 dozen eggs at $8, 48 bottles of water, a 27oz jar of almond butter and a massive 10lb bag of oatmeal. When Cutler and his team finally hit the check out he comes out with a total of $96, $4 under the budget of $100, and of course a lot more food than just a weeks worth. You can check out the 10 minute video below which isn’t as detailed as the Animal episodes, but an interesting watch especially when you see Cutler’s go to foods and just how much Costco can save you.

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